Poetic Praise-Inspiration for the Soul
The Lily of the Valley/Samples of Poems



Lily of the Valley



Dear One, what a wonderful Father God we have. If you’ve ever found yourself at a loss for words, then you can understand what I’m about to say. There are times when I simply feel like praising the Lord, because He is so wonderful; and yet it seems that too soon I run out of words and phrases to express myself.  It’s as if there aren’t enough words in the dictionary to truly describe our God. When I think of His character, all that He really is and that He so lovingly does for His children; it’s totally beyond our ability to communicate in words.


It is such a blessing to take a few minutes just to meditate on our Father and how richly He has blessed us. If you’ve never done it, take a pen and paper and write down all the words that come to your mind, when you stop and think about the Lord, and who He is and how He has blessed you. I believe you’ll find that you just might run out of paper, if not I’m sure you’ll run out of words, just as I have.


Still, in the end you may feel inadequate for we are so limited by our vocabulary. And the Lord is so much more and so much greater, than any mere words - we can conjure up to describe Him and  praise Him – could ever effectively convey. I highly recommend taking the time to praise Him regularly, for when you do it will glorify Him and bless you, as well. Besides, do it, if for not other reason, because He’s worth it! Isn’t He?


Read Psalms chapter 34 and then focus on verse 1:  His praise will always be on my lips.

Read Psalms chapter 63 and then focus on verse 4:  I will praise you as long as I live.


Read at least one chapter of Psalms and one of Proverbs daily for it is the   -  Medicine for the soul.       


Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy it!









He's the Lily of the Valley,

The Bright and Morning Star,

He's the sweetest Rose of Sharon,

Most Beautiful by far.


He's the God of Grace and Glory

The Way, the Truth, the Life,

He will calm your deepest fears and

Remove your sin and strife.


He's Creator and Sustainer

Your Father and Best Friend,

He would never ever leave you…

He’ll be with you to the end.


He's Light that shines in the Darkness…

So you can find your way

He heals the brokenhearted and

 Then turns their night to day.


He said, "When you feel alone just

Call out and I'll be there.

Although others may forsake you

You know I wouldn't dare.


Make My Word Your compass…it’s not…

Simply another book;

It will quickly ease your pain

If you’ll just take a look.


All your friends may walk away but…

You can depend on me,

I’ll make the lame to walk again

And cause the blind to see.


I'm all that you'll ever need and

Leave you - I would never,

I'll be with you for Eternity

That's infinitely forever.





Lines and Creases




When I was young I always thought, I would never have a face lift, and I thought people were just worrying about the small stuff in life if they said they wanted plastic surgery, trying to look younger. Little did I know that at about the age of fifty I would start pulling my loose skin on my neck and cheeks back with my fingers and I would think, “Gee, this sure would make me look more refreshed and maybe even a little younger. “ And then I’d forget all about it.


I can’t say that as time has progressed that I haven’t thought about it again, for I have definitely thought about it when someone I know has had one and they look so good.  But I’ve decided, that for me, I feel like my lines and creases all came from laughing or crying and usually from

weeping tears of joy,  compassion or caring. So, after thinking it over I felt strongly that this is the face the Lord gave me; and even though I was in a serious car wreck as a teenager, that left a scar from the corner of my eyebrow up into my hairline about two inches, I’ll just keep this face with every line and crease.


I see no problem with anyone else having a facelift and especially if it’s necessary to correct a birth defect or disfigurement from an accident of some kind. And I still have a fleeting thought of it myself when I look in the mirror and pull up my turkey neck. I’ll bet you know what I mean.


Read Philippians chapter 4 and then focus on verse 11-12: I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation…..













I've tried it all...you name it, friend,

The masks, the oils, the creams,

Yet mirrors don't reflect the face

That I see in my dreams.


Light moisturizers for the day

And heavy for the night,

With cleansers I must wash my face

But then I look a fright.


I wear make-up on my face to

Try and hide the creases,

My desire for a facelift

Seems it never ceases.


But my feeling is that if I

Go to see a surgeon,

When I wake up I'll find myself

Looking like a sturgeon.


I guess it's okay to have my

Make-up a little bit bolder,

For at the age of sixty-two

I am a little older.


But I might as well keep this face

The Lord chose just for me

And looking in the mirror quit

Complaining at what I see.


For most of my lines came from

Laughing or from weeping,

So I think that makes my face a

Little more worth keeping.


Next time I look in the mirror

I'll try not to complain

Since I decided all my lines

And creases will remain.




Martyr for a Minute




Why is it my friend, that so many people don’t mind doing things for others when it’s convenient and it won’t put them out? And then they act as if what they did was some big deal.


If you only had some beans to eat and you saw someone on the street with no beans, would you share your beans, even if you only had enough to last one day?


Would you be willing to lay down your life for one of your family members, how about a friend, even for an enemy? Or where would you draw the line?


There are those who do what they want to do for people and then they want to make sure the world knows what they did. They actually do what they do, not for the one who’s in need, but because they want to make themselves look good in front of others.


We are supposed to live a life that’s yielded to the Lord, so we are to let Him do whatever He wants to for others, through us. And it’s no big deal for it’s not us doing it - it’s our Father God, doing it through us. We can’t take any credit.


Read Romans chapter 12 and then focus on verses 1-2:  Therefore, I beseech you brethren, that you present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service(It’s no big deal) and be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is  that good and perfect and acceptable will of God.


Read  Philippians chapter 2 and then focus on verses 3-4:  Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.












Do you sacrifice when giving

Your money or your time,

And what would be your attitude

If it was your last dime?


What if you only had enough

To last a single day,

If someone came along with less

I wonder what you'd say.


When you take time to go to church

You think it's some big deal,

But don’t you think that you should go

Because your faith is real?


If God gives you the chance to help

Someone along the way,

Then don't you waste time asking just

How much you'll have to pay.


If you were asked to give your life

To save that of a friend,

Could you say yes…or is that where

Your giving then would end?


Could you choose to give your all for

Anyone else's good,

Or would you walk away instead

Of doing as you should?


Martyr for a minute is what

Most people seem to be,

Doing what they want - when they want

Hoping the world will see.






But when the Devil calls your name

Don't pay him any heed;

Surrender your all to Jesus

And let Him take the lead.


...For Satan hates to see a saint

Doing the will of God,

He does his best to stop them as…

 They walk this earthly sod.


But let the Lord use you as His

Instrument of blessing;

And Satan will give up when he

Sees he’s not progressing.